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Cisco Switches

Information Technology is one of the well-recognized sectors now-days. This IT landscape is a making, modification, knowledge, usage, and applications of computers and telecommunications. It is highly demanding in context of business as well as other enterprises to store, transmit, retrieve and manipulate data. And, to manage all these, there is a need of reliable and secure connection. For this, the Network Switch plays an integral role. It is a switching hub that connects number of devices on a network. These switches help in the efficient management and ensuring effective performance.

With the ever-changing time, this IT sector is flourished with number of organizations fulfilling the wide needs of the market. Amongst these, the CISCO is one of the finest enterprises that have proved him from edge to core. It offers you best quality Cisco Switches for all levels from unified network services to non-stop communications. It is a multi-port network bridge serves as a controller. It creates network and communicate to several devices efficiently.

Some of the benefits of the Cisco Switches:
•    Increased Consolidation
•    Unified Management
•    System Scalability
•    Network Scalability
•    Operational Continuity
•    Virtualization
•    Integrated Security
•    Operational Manageability
•    High availability
•    Ensures business agility
•    Comprehensive security
•    Performance
•    Enhanced manageability

The advantages of these switches over the network.
•    Offers a positive user experience.
•    Turn your network into strategic access.
•    Implement compliance and security.
•    Causes a drip in consumption and security cost.
•    Investment protection.

Types of the Cisco Switches:
•    Modular Switches
•    Fixed configuration Switches

Modular Switches: An intelligent and integrated switch that offers scalable performance, configuration flexibility, virtualization, scalability and incremental expansion. It is available in variegated sized chassis.

Key benefits:
•    Network Virtualization
•    Highly secure
•    Network flexibility
•    Offers Scalability
•    Ensures Operational Continuity
•    Cloud enablement

Some of the modular switches:
•    Cisco catalyst 6500 Series
•    Cisco catalyst 4500 Series
•    Cisco Nexus 7000 Series

Fixed configuration Switches: Energy-efficient and performance oriented switches that helps in end to end network infrastructure. It offers an array of deployment.

Key benefits:
•    Enhanced connected user experience.
•    Easy to built
•    Compatible
•    Demands negligible management and maintenance.
•    Offers secure access
•    Operational Simplicity
•    High performance

Some of the fixed configuration Switches:
•    Cisco catalyst 4500-X Series
•    Cisco catalyst 3750-E Series
•    Cisco catalyst 3560- X Series
•    Cisco catalyst 2960-S Series
•    Cisco catalyst 4900 Series

Whether you are looking for the Used Cisco Switches, Refurbished Cisco Switches or new Cisco Switches, opt for MCA Computer Corporation. The extensive line of this corporation offers a reliable, powerful and cost-effective Cisco Switches. Additionally, all these products come with a warranty period of 1-5 years.

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Oracle Sun Netra T5220 Server (NT52) – A Rugged and Compact Performance-Oriented Server

Is your server bogging down continuously due to lots of operations? Do you feel requirement for extended memory? Moreover, is it working slowly? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you should replace it with some reliable and powerful server, which can offer more storage space, scalability, security and record-breaking performance.

With the ever-changing time, the IT landscape-a most demanding sector is flourishing with number of organizations that tends to cater the wide needs of the clients. Amongst these, many have garnered the new heights but the Oracle is the one that has achieved a trustworthy and noteworthy position. It ensures the best business community, improved efficiency and stands high in terms of quality as well as performance. Its extensive line of products features an array of servers that are highly-efficient and provide essential services to the network. These have high-accessibility and can work for longer period without any hindrance. Some of the servers are Sun Fire V880 Server, Sun Netra 20 Server (N28), etc. One of the best servers of the Oracle is Oracle Sun Netra T5220 Server (NT52).

Features of Sun Netra T5220 Server (NT52):

  • Rugged
  • Compact
  • Two hot-swappable AC and DC power supplies
  • 64-thread UltraSPARC T2 processor
  • Secure virtual domains per rack
  • PCI expansion
  • Up to eight-core 1.2-GHz UltraSPARC T2 processors
  • L2 cache per processor i.e., 4 MB integrated
  • Oracle VM Server for SPARC  virtualization technology
  • 16 FB-DIMM memory slots
  • Maximum memory 64 GB
  • Oracle Solaris 10 Operating system
  • Less than 95W Power consumption
  • Less than 2W power consumption per thread
  • Requires Integrated Lights Out Manager Common SNMP MIB modules for enabling SNMP
  • Features CMT technology
  • Compact rack-optimized 2U design
  • Dual controller and GBE

Advantages of the Oracle Sun Netra T5220 Server (NT52):

  • Optimum performance
  • High compute density
  • Exceptional expandability and I/O performance
  • Great eco-responsibility
  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • Maximum energy and space efficiency
  • Optimizes network throughput
  • Independent
  • Breakthrough Throughput and Reliability
  • Remote maintenance with IOLM
  • Zero-cost security

Ideal for the following applications:

  • Web and application servers
  • DNS services
  • Signaling gateways
  • Embedded OEM applications
  • Media gateway controllers
  • IP traffic management system
  • Streaming media system
  • Security stem

So, whether you are looking for a Refurbished Oracle Sun Netra T5220 Server (NT52), Used Oracle Sun Netra T5220 Server (NT52) or New Oracle Sun Netra T5220 Server (NT52), go for the MCA Computer Corporation. This corporation offers you an extensive line of reliable and cost effective servers.

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HP Server: Power and Space-Saving Server

Technology- modification, making, knowledge and usage of the techniques, tools and many more things. It helps in solving problems by providing the improved solution. Undoubtedly, this technology has marked the revolution and become the pioneer. It plays a powerful role in addressing interest & needs and in expanding the economic growth of the organization. At present, there are a number of IT organization that caters the ever-changing needs of the market. But the one that has achieved a noteworthy position is the HP.

HP in its wide range of services also offers powerful and reliable servers-The HP Server. These servers not only increase performance and scalability but also ensures security and energy. Either publicly or privately, these servers offer essential service to the network. Highly-efficient, these servers are designed considering factors like I/O, speedy network connection, etc. These  servers support any workload and offers world-class experience.  These high-accessibility server works for a longer time without any hindrance.

Some of the benefits of these servers are:

  • Fastest I/0 performance
  • Storage-saving
  • Highly automated
  • Offers flexible customization facility
  • Offers great ease of service
  • Power-saving
  • Provides servility
  • Versatility
  • Smart data protection

There are basically three kinds of servers

Tower Server:

  • Basic Server network
  • Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Enables more users access to shared resources
  • High speed
  • Easily monitor and maintain the network.

Blade Server:

  • Self-contained server
  • Offers the power, cooling, connectivity, and management to each blade
  • Features only the core processing elements
  • Helps in Virtual server host platforms
  • Helps in Remote desktop or workstations
  • Helps in SSL encrypting of Web communication
  • Helps in Streaming audio and video content

Rack Server:

  • Space-saving server
  • Improved density
  • Offers flexibility
  • Perfect for medium and large businesses

There are certain things that are to be kept in mind prior selection:

  • Expert Guidance to make network management more effective
  • Budget estimation for choosing the right server
  • Warranty checking
  • Price comparison for selecting the best server.

So, whether you are planning to buy a New HP Servers, Used HP Servers, or Refurbished HP Servers, for MCA Corporation. The extensive line of HP servers offered by this corporation are reliable, powerful, cost-effective and flexible. Moreover, this corporation lets you save over 80% on HP Servers.

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Dell Server:Maximize efficiency while enhancing serviceability

Are you looking for powerful and reliable servers? Are you looking for the affordable network engine that emphasize on scalability? Moreover, is your server bogging down owing to lots of operations? Then, you need a reliable server that not only offers you more storage space but also enriches the performance.

In this ever-changing IT sector, there are number of organizations that serve the wider needs of the clients. But the one that improve efficiency ensures business continuity and much more is Dell. The Dell Server is a computer that in connection with other network delivers information and software. Different from basic desktop computer, this server offers:

* Centralized data management

* File sharing

* Shared resources

* Effective backup

* Remote access to files and applications

* Increased data security through firewalls

* Data backup

* User access licenses

* Software updates

This well-designed Dell server automates and streamlines the following:

* Operational tasks

* Maximizes the efficiency

* Enhance serviceability

* Security

* Turn data into insight for faster results

* Handle heavier workloads

It increases productivity and reduces the down time. There are numerous applications that you have to run. Thereby, there is an extensive line of servers to meet the individual needs of the clients. All these servers are classified in three categories:

* Tower Servers: A basic server

* Requires limited space

* Great for remote offices, small and medium businesses.

* Centralized processing

* Flexible

* Easier monitoring and maintenance

* Perfect for array of performance options powered by Intel® Xeon® processor E3 family

* Rack Servers: A space-saving server

* Maximize space in a centralized data center

* Improved density

* Offers flexibility

* Great for medium and large businesses

* Offers large internal storage to the server

* Compatible with Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family

* Blade Servers:A compact server

* Offers more processing

* High density computing

* Space-saving

* Features latest high performance technologies

* Power-saving

* Suitable for data centers requiring the greatest density efficiency and manageability.

* PE C Servers

* Optimized for distributed-workload environments

* Cloud deployments

* Density Optimized Servers

* Great for the businesses that need hyperscale-inspired performance and efficiency

* Server Hardware

Unlike all servers, the Dell server uses some basic configuration that is used in the desktop computer. Some of the features are:

* Multi-core processors

* Faster RAM

* Multiple hard drives

* Specialized networking cards

Server Software: Designed to reduce bottlenecks and share data from multiple people securely. It provides

* Secure application sharing

* Secure e-mail

* Secure Internet connectivity

* Data backup functionality

* Shared printer and fax services

So, whether you are looking forward for a NEW Dell Server, USED Dell Server or REFURBISHED Dell Server, opt for the MCA Computer Corporation. The extensive line of this corporation offers reliable, powerful and cost-effective products. It comes with a warranty period of 1-5 years.

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IBM Server: Powerful, Reliable and Compatible

Now-a-days the IT landscape is evolving step by step and meeting the new measures of the platform with its fast performance. With this growth in both time and computing technology, numerous organizations have garnered the new heights. Amongst these enterprises, the IBM is one the most recognized organizations that let you scale up and out as required.

While lowering your cost and risk owing to its flexible technology, this organization also offers an extensive line of servers. The IBM servers are compatible, innovative, powerful and flexible server. These are designed for both small and medium businesses. But what actually these are. These are the one that operated inside the client-server architecture and let server respond to the client request across a network. These accommodate the dynamic IT solution for:

  • Scalability

  • Management of work load

  • Virtualization

  • Utilization

Advantages that IBM servers are:

  • Excellent virus resistance and data encryption

  • Automatically balances process and memory resources

  • Streamline mergers and acquisitions

  • Multiple file system support

  • Improve application and network service levels

  • Integrated storage management

  • Quickly deploy new applications and technologies

  • Built-in, resilient cluster architecture

  • Manage business growth

  • Reduce cost-effectively

In order to optimize your computing environment and improve utilization, the IBM offers a broad range of server services. Some of the IBM services are:

  • Optimization and Integration Services: Helps in reducing It infrastructure complexity to optimize performance, increase adaptability, reduce operational management cost. Moreover, also helps in enhancing system utilization, simplifying system management.

  • IBM Server Managed Services: Offers the processes, skills, tools and methodologies and areas of expertise required to optimize the management of your server environment.

  • IBM Emerging Server Technology Services – Help in increasing system utilization, enable key capabilities and simplify systems management.

There are basically four kinds of IBM servers:

  • Tower servers: Perfect for smaller businesses and smaller remote environments. Plus, for meeting standalone requirements.

  • Rack servers: Perfect for “fit for purpose” applications. Moreover, for small to mid-range businesses, segmented workloads and

  • Blade servers: Optimized for infrastructure replacement, large consolidation environments and remote environments.

  • Enterprise servers: These are the high-end rack and blade servers that are great for legacy system replacements, Virtualization and heavy vertical workloads.

So, whether you are looking forward for a NEW IBM Server, USED IBM Server or REFURBISHED IBM Server, opt for the MCA Computer Corporation. The extensive line of this corporation offers reliable, powerful and cost-effective products. It comes with a warranty period of 1-5 years.

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CISCO Securities and VPN: A Secure Productivity Enhancer

Security is a major point of consideration in every field for everybody. It plays a great role in browsing internet also. It is required to ensure that one’s data and information is not exposed to the prying eyes of hackers and spammers. Though it is protected with anti-virus software but still sometimes that doesn’t prove remarkable in preventing data from chaotic cyberspace. Apart from firewall the best available tool to safeguard information and data is a VPN acronym for Virtual Private Network.

There are numerous organizations now-a-days that offer reliable VPN but the one that offers the most powerful and reliable VPN is CISCO. The CISCO Securities and VPN stands high in terms of both quality and technology. It offers secure site-to-site connectivity along with remote access. But why it is required? There are two major reasons.

  • Total ownership cost savings.

  • Productivity enhancements.

  • Usability Improvements

  • User satisfaction.

The SSL VPN of CISCO i.e. Security Socket Layer VPN is a widely emerging technology. This provides:

  • Remote-access VPN capability

  • Let user launch a web browser

  • Ensures Productivity enrichment

  • Improves availability

  • Reduce IT cost for VPN support and software.

Advantages of CISCO Securities and VPN-SSL VPN:

  • Ensures secure connection between remote user and internal network resources.

  • Clientless VPN: No need of installing client software for using it.

  • Easy to use: Unlike other it does not require different configuration and implementation, it just simply requires a modern web browser.

  • Outbound connection security

It is the one that offers you all VPN characteristics and local LAN user experience. It configures, maintain, troubleshoot and support numerous VPN solutions.

What functions CISCO Securities and VPN actually do?

  • CISCO Security Manager: Replaces CISCO work management center for VPN Routers, IPS Sensors, Performance, Firewalls and Cisco works Auto Update Server.

  • CISCO Security MARS: Replaces the CISCO monitoring center for security.

  • Management Center for CISCO Security Agent: Standalone product that begins with the CISCO security agent.

Following are the application of the CISCO Securities and VPN:

  • Firewall management
  • Network IPS management
  • Router-based IPS management
  • Host IPS management
  • VPN router Management
  • Security monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Operational management

Whether you are looking for the Used Cisco Securities and VPN, or new Cisco Securities and VPN, opt for MCA Computer Corporation. The extensive line of this corporation offers reliable, powerful and cost-effective products. Additionally, all these products are provided with a warranty period of 1-5 years.

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Cisco Access Server

Are you looking forward for the technologically advanced server that offers you simplified management? Is your old server creating some problem? If the answer to these questions is yes, then surely the Cisco Access Server is best for you. While ensuring reliability and security, this server also offers the record-breaking performance.

But what actually servers are? The server is:

  • A system that operates within client-server architecture.

  • Responds to the request of the client across a computer network.

  • Offer an essential service to a network, either publicly or privately.

Since their hardware depends upon their functionality thereby, these are designed considering I/O, network connection, etc. Same are the Cisco Access Servers. These are intended to cater the needs of the following:

  • Telecommunication carriers.

  • Large organization that requires consistent high-density connectivity

  • Other service providers.

This convenient server fulfills the need of the business. This server offers the user with network access via a modem. A great advantage of this server is that you don’t have to keep moving roll over covers between routers. What Cisco Server does? It combines:

  • Computing

  • Storage Access

  • Networking

Features of the Cisco Access Servers are:

  • WAN Interfaces:

  • Enables connections to fast WAN technologies like Frame Relay, T1/E1, leased lines, etc.

  • Help in multipoint or redundant back-haul applications

  • 8 or 16 Asynchronous Ports:

  • Help in updating modems and other devices.

  • Being High-speed asynchronous ports, these ports support everything from legacy terminals to advanced PPP applications.

  • Based on Cisco 2500 Family:

  • Proven, reliable architecture.

  • Completely Cisco IOS compatibility.

  • Flexible Memory Architecture:

  • Offers Backup image storage in Flash

  • Incorporated with Single DRAM SIMM for routing-table storage as well as packet buffer.

  • Auxiliary and Console Ports:

  • Offers Backup asynchronous WAN interface

  • Helps in Local configuration interface

Benefits of the Cisco Access Servers:

  • Helps in developing a well-rounded business setup by connecting variety of devices.

  • A perfect option for backup and storage

  • Offers network storage for large amount of users.

  • Great for small business.

  • Promote network reliability, efficiency, and flexibility.

  • Deliver seamless support

Applications of the Cisco Access Servers are:

  • Low-Density Modem Concentration

  • Terminal Services

  • Network Telemetry

  • Mixed-Mode ISDN, Asynchronous, and Terminal Access

Amongst these Cisco Access servers one of the servers i.e AS5300 is a VOIP gateway and dial-up remote access server.

So, whether you are planning to buy a New Cisco Access Server, Used Cisco Access Server, go for MCA Corporation. The extensive lines of Cisco Access servers offered by this corporation are reliable, powerful, cost-effective and flexible. Moreover, these servers come with a warranty period of 1 to five years.

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JNI: A Fast and High performing Programming Framework

JNI is an acronym for Java Native Interface. It is a programming framework that enables java code running in a Java virtual machine to call and to be called by native applications and libraries.    

Goal: Binary compatibility on a given platform of native method libraries across Java Virtual Implementations.  

But what actually JNI is?

A set of tools that let user to call native methods.

An interface where data is passed to/from C/C++ methods.

A programming framework that enables to write native methods when an application cannot be directly written on the Java programming language.

Make another existing programming application compatible to run on Java application by changing the language.

This framework lets native method use objects same as Java code uses.




Fast i.e time critical calculations.

Add functionality to Java applications.

High performance

Platform-sensitive API implementation.

Improve efficiency of integration

Role of JNI:

Being a two-way interface, it allows Java applications to invoke native code and vice-versa.

Handle situation where Java applications combine with native code.

Supports two types of native code: native applications and native libraries.

Owing to its ability to add functionality to the Java applications, this is also referred as the escape hatch.

Steps involved in using JNI:

Java code:  In this one can write and compile the Java code by declaring the native method and ensuring that a shared library is loaded before the native method is called.

Creating C header file:   In this step one can create a header file of C that features function prototype for native methods.

C implementation: With the aid of mangled names and extra parameters one can write a C implementation of native methods.

Compiling: Compiling of C code and creation of shared library takes place in this step. Moreover each library features lib prefix in front of it.

Execution:  Execution of the Java program.

So, whether you are looking for the used JNI or New JNI, go for the MCA Computer Corporation. This extensive line of this offers a reliable, fast and high performing JNI. All these JNI features a warranty of 1 to 5 Years.

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Cisco Switches: Energy Efficient, Scalable and Secure

With the ever-changing time, the science and technology has made a progressive approach. As a result, the IT sector, one of the most demanding sectors, is flourishing with the technologically advanced products. These all products not only help in efficient management but also ensure effective performance. Some of these products are routers, switches, interfaces, modules and many more. Amongst these products the switches are the most popular products.

What actually switches are? Switches are the one that enables a local area network to handle multiple users and messages. Undoubtedly, there are many organizations that offer superior quality switches but the one that is highly demanded is Cisco. The Cisco Switches are designed to meet the needs of mission critical data centers.

Some of the benefits that Cisco Switches provides are:

  • High availability
  • Comprehensive security
  • Performance
  • Enhanced manageability

There are basically two types of Cisco network switches:

  • Modular Switches
  • Fixed configuration Switches

Modular Switches:

  • Available in different sized chassis, that helps in installation of the number of line cards.
  • An intelligent switching for integrated network.
  • These Switches give configuration flexibility, scalable performance and incremental expansion.


  • Security
  • Manageability
  • Network Virtualization
  • Network flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Operational Continuity
  • Cloud enablement


  • Cisco catalyst 6500 Series
  • Cisco catalyst 4500 Series
  • Cisco Nexus 7000 Series

Fixed configuration Switches

  • Helps in end to end networking infrastructure.
  • Offers an array of deployments and enhanced connected user experience.


  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to built
  • Compatible
  • Requires less management and maintenance.
  • Highly secure access
  • Integrated network services
  • Operational Simplicity
  • High performance


  • Cisco catalyst 4500-X Series
  • Cisco catalyst 3750-E Series
  • Cisco catalyst 3560- X Series
  • Cisco catalyst 2960-S Series
  • Cisco catalyst 4900 Series

Benefits of Cisco Switches to the network:

  • Provides a positive user experience.
  • Turn your network into strategic access.
  • Implement security and compliance.
  • Reduce consumption and security cost.
  • Investment protection.

So, whether you are looking for the Used Cisco Switches, Refurbished Cisco Switches or new Cisco Switches, opt for MCA Computer Corporation. The extensive line of this corporation offers reliable, flexible, scalable and cost-effective products. Additionally, all these products come with a warranty period of 1-5 years.

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